Conference Scope

As we spend most of our time in commercial and residential facilities, it is important for our society to look at how these spaces impact the environment and the people in them. This task is important for building and facility managers, maintenance managers, energy managers as well as expert and researcher concerned with adopting sustainable and healthy practices for an organization.

From indoor environmental quality point of view, sustainable buildings prioritize the quality of life and the wellbeing of the buildings’ occupants and at the same time reduce negative environmental impacts. A building that, in its design, construction or operation, reduces negative impacts on our climate, also reduces their occupants’ risk of related health problems and provides a more pleasant indoor environment, as well as increases occupants’ satisfaction.

The conference organisers welcome contributions on the role of smart ventilation, building and ductwork airtightness and ventilative and resilient cooling on IEQ and health in sustainable buildings.

Conference concept

The conference will consist of 3 parallel sessions largely devoted to:

  • Smart ventilation, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and health
  • Building and ductwork airtightness
  • Ventilative cooling – Resilient cooling

The conference will consist of a mixture of presentations from the call for papers and presentations upon invitation, organised in well prepared and structured sessions focused on the conference theme and topics. Some sessions will consist of presentations from the call for papers only, other sessions will be topical sessions with presentations proposed by a session organiser and by the organising committee. The conference is combined with an exhibition by industry partners.

Conference topics

Smart ventilation, IAQ and health

  • Role of ventilation in building decarbonization and epidemic preparedness
  • Ventilation reliability: performance verification and durability
  • IAQ impacts from outdoor pollutants, indoor cooking and combustion
  • Combining ventilation and air cleaning for acceptable IAQ
  • The role of consumer IAQ sensors
  • Model based data analytics and control strategies for smart ventilation
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for ventilation and building services
  • EPBD revision and impact on ventilation and IAQ
  • Inspection, monitoring and maintenance of ventilation systems
  • Circular economy and sustainability, green buildings

Building and ductwork airtightness

  • Role of airtightness in building decarbonization and epidemic preparedness
  • Energy and IAQ impact of envelope and ductwork leakage
  • Innovative measurement and airtightness techniques
  • Compliance schemes
  • Long-term performance: durability of airtightness
  • EPBD revision and impact on ventilation and IAQ
  • Circular economy, sustainability and green buildings

Ventilative cooling – Resilient cooling

  • Role of ventilative and resilient cooling in building decarbonization and epidemic preparedness
  • Ventilative and resilient cooling in a changing climate
  • Implementation in standards, legislation and compliance tools
  • Control strategies and personal comfort control
  • EPBD revision and impact on ventilation and IAQ
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